DWI Lawyers and 6 Reasons Why You Need Them


The first mistake drivers in a celebratory mood make is having that extra drink and then thinking they are capable of getting behind the wheel. The second biggest mistake is thinking they can talk their way out of a DWI (driving while intoxicated) arrest and conviction without the services of a lawyer. Sheryl Shane Law can give you the quality representation you need by a competent lawyer following a DWI arrest.

Here are 6 reasons why you need an experienced DWI lawyer: 

(1) Challenge: the Stop

To conduct a traffic stop, an officer must have reasonable suspicion based on his or her perceptions. Sheryl Shane can not only find, but also challenge any illegitimate reason posed as the basis for a DWI stop. With experience comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes the power to do the right thing.

(2) Challenge: Probable Cause

A driver cannot be placed under arrest by an officer without probable cause such as the admission of drinking alcoholic beverages, noticeable alcohol odor, impaired speech, bad balance or other physical indicators. An experienced DWI attorney knows exactly how to identify and challenge whether or not any of these probable causes were in fact present.  Sheryl Shane is on your side.

(3) Challenge: Testing

Following a traffic stop, you could be asked to do a field sobriety test or give a blood or breath sample. The officer making the traffic stop will make conclusions based on the results of that testing and those conclusions usually lead to the driver’s arrest on a DWI charge. Representation by a qualified DWI attorney such as Sheryl Shane Law can help:

  • challenge the results of those tests,
  • verify the officer’s conclusions about the testing results,
  • analyze the conditions under which the testing was administered
  • and question if in fact, the testing equipment used was in working order and able to deliver accurate results.

The case will be built looking at any and all angles to make sure you have the correct coverage.

(4) Challenge: Witness Credibility

Engaging the services of an experienced DWI attorney can help uncover information that may not be so obvious at first. For example, exposing the controversial information about the arresting officer or any witness to the arrest can damage the credibility of the information and can call the DWI arrest into question. Most citizens don’t have the resources at their disposal that Sheryl Shane Law has to investigate the backgrounds and prejudices of the traffic officer and any other witnesses that the prosecution may bring forward to support their DWI arrest.

(5) Challenge: the Charge

If there is no legal way to challenge the DWI arrest, going to trial may result in a conviction, with possible fines and even time in prison. Having DWI legal representation can help in negotiations toward a lesser charge such as reckless driving, which will only result in a temporary suspension of your driver’s license, causing exponentially less damage to your finances and your livelihood.  

(6) Challenge: License Suspension 

An experienced DWI attorney will take every step possible to prevent long-term suspension of your license because they know the system, the judges and the prosecutors involved. Should this happen, following legal procedure under the care of Sheryl Shane, will be of the greatest interest to you. Hiring Sheryl Shane Law for DWI representation is a smart investment!


As an experienced DUI/DWI lawyer in Northern Virginia, Sheryl Shane knows how to thoroughly examine your case and turn the details inside out to determine the legality of your arrest, and whether or not you received due process. Sheryl Shane uses her 21+ years of experience in the field of criminal defense to help fight your case. And her proven track record of successful cases speaks volumes for her ability to defend her clients. Let us fight your case! Call us at 703-503-4448. You can even get in touch online here.


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