Being arrested or investigated for a crime in Virginia is a stressful experience. You will probably receive advice from various individuals including your family, friends, and other members of the community. But the most important, and most useful legal advice comes from an experienced criminal defense attorney in Virginia. With over 21 years of legal representation experience, criminal defense lawyer Sheryl Shane is here to help advise you, and fight for your rights.

Talk To A Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney First

criminal-defense-lawyer-virginiaCrimes such as petty larceny, minor drug charges, misdemeanors, or first time offenses may seem like “small” crimes initially. So you may be tempted to waive your right to an attorney, and speak to police. However, this decision may work against you and can mean the difference between a possible conviction, potential jail time and substantial fines.

Police officers are trained to gather evidence, and understand that obtaining statements against your interest will assist the prosecution in building a case against you in a court of law, whether or not you are guilty. Speak to a highly competent criminal defense attorney and learn how to protect your interests.

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for a crime in Northern Virginia, call Sheryl Shane before you make any statements. You need a lawyer on your side to represent you. We have one priority: Fighting for your rights and ensuring you receive a fair trial in court.

Why You Need Sheryl Shane As Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Virginia

Our office has faithfully and effectively served clients in courts in the counties of:

This means you are getting access to an experienced, motivated, and trustworthy criminal lawyer with a proven track record of winning cases and successfully defending clients.

Have You Been Accused Of A Crime?

We understand that being accused of a crime can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, the outcome will have an impact on your life. Your freedom is on the line, and you just want it to all go away as quickly as possible. If you are facing criminal charges in Virginia, call our office and we will start mounting a strong defense for your case.

For years, Sheryl Shane has successfully defended individuals throughout Northern Virginia including Fairfax and Prince William County Courts. Sheryl’s experience includes areas of law such as:

  • DUI/DWI (link to DUI/DWI page)
  • Larceny/Robbery (link to larceny/robbery page)
  • Assault and battery (link to assault and battery page)
  • Domestic Violence (link to domestic violence page)
  • Sex Crimes (link to sex crimes page)
  • Drug Crimes (link to drugs page)
  • Embezzlement (link to embezzlement page)
  • Violation of a protective order (link to protective order page)
Criminal defense
Sketch of Sheryl Shane in court (Krusinski Case)

If you have been accused of any of these crimes, you need an experienced criminal lawyer in Virginia.Call the Law Office of Sheryl Shane now at 703-503-4448. Waiting or postponing talking to an attorney could have a huge impact on your case.