Sheryl Shane, Attorney at Law

More Than 21 Years of Experience as a Strong Litigator

In criminal defense cases, Ms. Shane protects your rights and fights for a not guilty verdict or to minimize the consequences that you face. In family law cases, she fights hard for your fair share of marital assets and always has your child’s best interests at heart.

Her courage, legal knowledge, passion and insistence on quality work will be easy to see. Criminal defense and family law clients throughout the state have benefited from her personal qualities and dedication to professional excellence.

Attorney Shane provides personal attention to your case. She is a strong litigator who investigates the law and facts to create strong arguments. Her law office is conveniently located near the courthouse in Fairfax and evening and weekend appointments are available.

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Knowledge, Passion & Quality Legal Representation

Sheryl Shane has over 21 years of legal representation experience. You should expect certain personal qualities and professional credentials from your criminal defense or family law attorney — traits such as courage, knowledge and passion.

The experienced law office of Sheryl Shane, Attorney at Law in Fairfax, Virginia, has faithfully & effectively served clients in all courts, in the counties of Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, Arlington and Alexandria. Sheryl Shane researches the law in applying facts to make winning arguments, crafts defenses for criminal clients and guides families to closure in stressful family law issues.

No matter the venue, regardless of the challenge, Sheryl Shane protects your rights. She wants you to be free — free of your legal troubles and free to live your life. With a belief in your rights, Ms. Shane researches the law and applies that to the facts of your case to create strong arguments. To best assist her clients she actively keeps up with the changes in the law. She has a win-win attitude to help bring about desired results for clients.

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Passionate Litigator, Charisma in the Courtroom — Sheryl Shane Will Help

Sheryl Shane believes in, and fights for your rights in life-changing legal matters such as:
DWI/DUI — including investigation of Intoxilyzer results and seeking the preservation of driving privileges for alleged first-time or habitual offenders.

Criminal Defense — defense against charges such as violent, drug and sex crimes; domestic violence charges; and protective orders.

Family Law — uncontested, contested and high-net worth divorce, and related concerns such as spousal support, property division, and child custody, visitation and support.

Are your freedoms and future at stake in a criminal case? Do you fear the transition to a life after divorce? Sheryl Shane is a passionate litigator and negotiator, and is the versatile, understanding lawyer you want on your side.

Immigration, adoption and personal injury cases are also handled for clients.

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Phone and e-mail messages are responded to promptly. Weeknight and weekend appointments are available. Fees are competitive. Spanish, Chinese, Mongolian, Farsi & Arabic language translation can be accessed.

Shane also works alongside immigration lawyer, Mark Schnider. Call 703-790-9700 to schedule a consultation.

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