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DUI-attorneyTrusted Fairfax VA DWI/DUI attorney, Sheryl Shane has been defending clients who have been charged with or arrested for drunk driving for several years. She understands the complexities involved in these cases, and helps to give you the best defense possible.

If you have been arrested for a DWI/DUI, we will look over all of the details surrounding your arrest, including police procedures that may not have been followed correctly. We will examine whether or not the officer had reasonable suspicion to pull you over, or probable cause to go beyond simply checking your license and registration. Our law firm is continuously researching and staying up to date on this ever-evolving area of law in order to give you the best chance of fighting the drunk driving charges against you.

It is crucial that you address your drunk driving arrest as soon as possible. In order to do that, you need a DWI/DUI defense attorney with a history of getting drunk driving cases dismissed or reduced in Virginia. Sheryl Shane Law is committed to getting you back on the road safely, and avoiding harsh criminal charges for driving while intoxicated.

Driving While Intoxicated/Driving Under the Influence

That moment can happen to anyone and just as unexpectedly. You’re driving along on the highway and suddenly you see lights blare from behind and you hear sirens screeching. You question yourself as to whether you were speeding, weaving over lines, or failed to use your turn signal. Was there any erratic driving on your part?  You’re pulled over by a state trooper and he tells you to roll down your window. You’re suspected of driving while intoxicated or operating a vehicle while under the influence. The officer begins to question and asks for  your license, registration, and proof on insurance.  It is mentioned that the trooper detects the smell of alcohol and marijuana.  Your eyes are described as bloodshot and your voice is shaky. After such observations are taken by the officer, you are more than likely asked to exit your vehicle and perform a sobriety test. The police officer not only wants to check your blood alcohol level, but also your psychophysical abilities. You’re then instructed to perform any of the following sobriety tests:

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN)
  • One-Leg Stand Test
  • Walk-and-Turn Test
  • Preliminary Breadth Test (PBT)
  • Tests including touch, alphabet, and numbers.

Once you have completed the sobriety tests, there will often be an arrest since the officer normally determines probable cause for arrest.  Once you arrive in jail, you will then be taken to a room to submit to an Intoxilyzer or asked to provide a blood sample. If you refused, you may suffer negative consequences as a general citizen who is not familiar with the laws and what your rights are. Let Sheryl Shane with the proper experience, knowledge, and training address your charges.

  • Intoxilyzer- a device used to measure alcohol in the blood of those charged operating a vehicle on Virginia roads under the influence or while intoxicated.
  • Blood Test- this is used as an alternative to the intoxilyzer and in some instances, may be implemented in addition to an intoxilyzer.
  • Breadth Alcohol Interlock Device (BAID)- an instrument installed on the vehicle to prevent impaired drivers from starting the car. This is usually court regulated and will ensure that the vehicle will not start when breadth alcohol concentration is too high. Typically, these devices keep a logged date and time, BAC level, and test results.
  • Implied Consent- Implied Consent Laws state that any motorist who’s applied for a driver’s license has given consent to field sobriety and chemical tests to discern impairment. A driver may refuse testing, but the officer is then granted reasonable suspicion that the driver is under the influence. In this case, the driver risks automatic license suspension and other potential penalties. This is why it is imperative to seek an experienced lawyer who can thoroughly review evidence and other claims.
  • Refusal of Intoxilyzer and Blood Tests- for Virginia drivers who refuse an Intoxilyzer Breadth test or to provide a blood sample after being arrested for a legitimate drunk driving charge or by other related offenses, may anticipate their license being revoked. A first offense may be considered a civil offense, but losing your license for a year is not something to take lightly. Any further offenses that follow your first may result in a criminal record and severe consequences. For most DWI/DUI charges, it requires a seasoned attorney to break down and review your individual case. Avoid potential long term damage to your record and serious consequences with proper legal advice.

DWI/DUI – Long Term Consequences (Criminal Conviction)

Below are just some of difficult changes you can expect from a DUI/DWI conviction. Being sure to find an attorney who can help lower your charge is imperative to keep you from facing any of the following repercussions of a DUI/DWI charge.

  1. Keeping your job
  2. Finding a job
  3. Educational Certifications
  4. Auto insurance rates
  5. Personal life can face major challenges
  6. Criminal record (background checks)
  7. Jail time
  8. Enforced courses
  9. Fines and court costs
  10. Loss of license

Why You Need A Virginia DWI Lawyer in Virginia

You may think that you can skate by a DWI/DUI arrest because it’s your first offense, but come your third DWI, it’s classified as a felony. However, with drunk driving being a very big issue right now, you may not be so lucky without adequate representation. Judges, commonwealth attorneys (prosecutors), and juries may have little remorse for you. Therefore, your strongest chance of being successful is by using your rights and the law to your advantage.

If this is not your first drunk driving offense, you can expect even less sympathy, flexibility, and understanding from the criminal justice system.

As an experienced DWI/DUI lawyer in Northern Virginia, Sheryl Shane knows how to thoroughly examine your case and turn the details inside out to determine the legality of your arrest, and whether or not you received due process. Sheryl Shane uses her 21+ years of experience in the field of criminal defense to help fight your case. And her proven track record of successful cases speaks volumes for her ability to defend her clients. Give us a call at 703-503-4448 and let us fight your case for you.

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