Expungement (Destruction of Court Records)

When a lawyer wins a criminal trial, and the defendant is acquitted or if the prosecutor offers a nolle prosequi, the individual may in some circumstances seek expungement of police and court records. There are also instances when an individual may have his/her identity stolen and desires to clear his/her name and criminal record. In all these situations, relief may be available. It is common sense one does not want his/her fingerprints, photos, and arrest records listed when there was no guilt involved. An experience attorney should be hired to clear individual’s name.

It is also important to note that an experienced lawyer should advise her client that one is not always entitled to be granted an expungement in cases where charges were dismissed due to first offender programs offered by the Commonwealth. You need an experienced lawyer to explain full ramifications of “deferred disposition” or guilty finding. Not only for expungement purposes but also for Immigration purposes if you are not yet a citizen.